Phalaenopsis Orchids

Introducing any kind of plant to a home is by design a welcome addition, but none can match the versatility and allure of the phalaenopsis.

Many people already have a specific flower in mind when they hear the word orchid. What they don't realize is the image that's been ingrained in their heads is the phalaenopsis. Like its namesake caught mid-flight, its full, round flowers have earned its title as the butterfly orchid.

Of the overwhelming number of orchid species that have been cultivated around the world, it's the phalaenopsis that has become the standard; dethroning the other tens of thousands that have been identified throughout the course of history. Rightfully so, as anyone who has been witness to its beauty will agree. Though with over 70 types to pick from, each variant defined by its unique combination of colors and markings, it feels like making the discovery all over again. You're spoiled for choice in finding the perfect phal.

The phalaenopsis is elegant, luxuriant, and seemingly delicate — but don't be fooled. One of the many reasons this lush beauty reigns supreme lies in its hardiness and extensive bloom. Consider this flower a long-term investment, as with the proper care, your orchid will last a very long time.