Our Story

Flossom Place has long been an intersection of culture and lifestyle, acting as a hub for the discerning since 2016. From providing self beautification services and hosting a design studio, to becoming the direct contact for event planning and coordination, even opening an acclaimed café and restaurant— all housed in the bustling heritage treasure of San Juan City.

Within this diverse portfolio of amenities runs a central throughline, the artistry of flower arrangement. Following the success of Flossom Place comes its newest retail branch: VIVI by Flossom.

The pursuit of luxury living can sometimes render a room cold and uninviting. This new concept store aims to remedy this with a singular focus, elevating spaces by using phalaenopsis orchids as a transformative medium. The word 'VIVI' roughly translated in French, means 'to live', something we want for all our clients' homes. Tucking flowers into small corners, placing them as the centerpiece at a table, or having an arrangement be the pièce de résistance gives a once dull setting a completely new energy. It's the cornerstone of VIVI by Flossom, adding life to your living space.